2022 06 28

Gubernija Extra Non-Alcoholic beer became a partner of the basketball club Šiauliai

BC Šiauliai has a new sponsor – the club has established a collaboration with the Gubernija Extra Alcohol-Free beer brand of Gubernija brewery. According to the agreement, the new partnership will help develop basketball in Šiauliai city by supporting men’s and women’s teams.

Donatas Slanina, a managing director of BC Šiauliai, hopes that this collaboration will help to develop basketball in the whole country.

“We are proud of this new friendship with a symbol of Šiauliai industry – Gubernija brewery. Their trust in the future of the sport of Šiauliai has been seen for years now. We hope that this deal will help not only our city but the whole country as well, as we always seek to give opportunities for talented youth to progress in their careers,” said D. Slanina. “A brewery that opened back in the 17th century is an example that work ethics, respecting each other, and giving effort is a way to reach the longtime success. We try to implement these values in our organization as we believe that such a united state of mind will eventually become a strong bond of collaboration between the club and the brewery.”

Artūras Perednis, head of MV Group production department, is also happy about this partnership.

“Basketball is the most popular sport in our country, uniting us. While Šiauliai is a hometown of Gubernija, this brewery was a part of this city for a few centuries already. We always support our owns, try to endorse, encourage and inspire them,” said A. Perednis. “Therefore, we see this sponsorship for Šiauliai basketball club as a natural one for us. We believe that our support will be a valuable contribution for a team on their way to their goals and that we will be able to celebrate great victories together.”

Gubernija brewery, owned by MV GROUP Production, cherishes the oldest beer-brewing traditions in Lithuania. The brewery in Šiauliai has its authentic production traditions and recipes for a few centuries already. It is the only fully Lithuanian-owned brewery in the country. Gubernija actively participates in creating prosperity for Lithuania and Šiauliai – it sponsors sports, art, local business and has helped various groups of society during the pandemic.

Basketball fans could already see various hints of this partnership between Gurbernija Extra Alcohol-Free beer and BC Šiauliai. The logotype of this beer was on the players’ jerseys since the beginning of this basketball season, and fans have been participating in various contests to win Gubernija prizes during the basketball games.