Gubernija is a historic

Lithuanian brewery

When we acquired Gubernija in March 2018, we knew we would do everything we could to revive the brewery and find its place on the brewing map. Today, we are happy to say that a historic Lithuanian brewery is back. More than 350 years ago, Gubernija was established as a manor brewery, and today it is an integral part of Šiauliai.

We are the oldest brewery in Lithuania. Historians say that Gubernija Brewery may have been built as early as 1665. The brewery’s cellars, which date back to the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, are one of the oldest surviving structures in the Šiauliai area and have been declared a cultural heritage site. The main building still stands in the surviving part of the Gubernija Manor ensemble, with the date of its construction engraved on the cornerstone: 1799.

Our history


GUBERNIJA is believed to have begun its history this year as a small brewery on the estate, which brewed beer so well that it was served on the royal table.


The brewery is reconstructed under the leadership of Count N.N. Zubov and a foreign brewer settle in the brewery.


The brewery GUBERNIJA is officially established. It employs seven people and produces 20 000 buckets of beer a year.


During the press ban, GUBERNIJA became a centre of Lithuanian culture. Lithuanian books used to be hidden in the cellars of the factory, and secret meetings of intellectuals used to be held.


First international award. Russian Porter is named the best beer at the St. Petersburg Exhibition.


Expansion. 47 employees produce 250 000 buckets of beer per month.


The brewery’s joint-stock company GUBERNIJA was rebuilt after the demolition in 1914 and continues its activities.


A massive fire breaks out but does not stop beer production. GUBERNIJA produces more than 1 500 000 litres a year.


The modern brewery started to produce bread brandy made from specially baked and toasted bread. The authentic recipe has remained unchanged until today.


GUBERNIJA renews itself and boldly continues the history of true brewing.

We are proud

Heritage and history

Gubernija Brewery is the oldest brewery in Lithuania and the only one with historical links to the aristocracy. The old cellars of the brewery, dating back to the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, have been declared a cultural heritage site. According to historians, Gubernija is the only brewery with historical links to the aristocracy.

Until 1795, the Gubernija manor and its brewery belonged to the royal court and were leased together with the Šiauliai economy to various noblemen. Gubernija has been mentioned in the inventory lists of the Royal Economy (1786).

Craftsmanship and quality

Brewing has been carried out continuously at the Gubernija for several hundred years. There are five bottling lines in operation, and production is around 10 million litres per year. The brewery, which has been in operation for more than 350 years, brews beer using traditional, authentic production methods and natural raw materials of the highest quality. The special pride of the brewery is the collection of ale and the kvass made from specially baked bread.


Interesting facts

The date of construction of the main building is 1799, carved in stone.

The cellars of the Gubernija have been declared a cultural heritage site.

During the years of the press ban, this was a hiding place for books and a meeting place for book bearers.

Our employee Juozas Vinča was the first Lithuanian boxer to achieve significant international victories and popularize the sport throughout the country.

From 1922 until the brewery was renamed GUBERNIJA, its logo was changed 11 times, but the image of the goat always remained.

GUBERNIJA bread brandy is made from breadcrumbs baked for the purpose.

Gubernija is part of

the beverage production

company MV GROUP




Gubernija is owned by the beverage production company MV GROUP Production, together with the Stumbras, Alita and Anykščių vynas factories. MV GROUP is one of the largest groups of companies in the Baltic States, uniting companies involved in the production of alcoholic beverages and other beverages as well as in wholesale and retail trade and logistics.