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Lithuanian Drinks Journey is an educational programme linking four cities with unique Lithuanian beverage traditions: Šiauliai, Alytus, Kaunas and Anykščiai. These cities are home to Lithuania’s largest beverage factories: the historic Gubernija Brewery in Šiauliai, Stumbras in Kaunas, which has already entered its second century, Anykščių Vynas in Anykščiai, which is approaching its centenary, and the youngest Alita factory in Alytus. All the factories share a clear vision – to uphold the authentic traditions of Lithuanian beverage production.

 For a group of more than 60 visitors, please contact via phone at +370 612 27355 or e-mail at ekskursija.gubernija@mvgroup.eu.

Visitor Centre opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. However, the tour may last a little longer by prior arrangement.



The educational programme Lithuanian Drinks Journey invites you to take a closer look at the exciting history and production of these factories: you will hear stories about the origin of the most famous drinks produced here, see the whole process of their production, and have a chance to taste the most popular products.

Gubernija’s professional beer experts invite you to Šiauliai, the oldest brewery in Lithuania and the only one with historical links to the aristocracy.

During the educational program

at the Gubernija brewery, you will:

  • hear the history of the brewery dating back to 1665;
  • learn about the brewing process, from the selection of malt to the bottling;
  • taste selected beverages from Gubernija branded glasses in a unique tasting room;
  • listen to a beer expert guide talk about the flavour and aromatic qualities of the beverages tasted, and be introduced to the basic principles of food pairing of beer and kvass;
  • after the tasting, you can buy your favourite drinks and souvenirs in the on-site shop.



  • The educational programme is only open to people aged 20 and over.
  • The programme duration is between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.
  • Groups of 14 to 60 people are welcome. For smaller groups, a minimum programme fee of EUR 210.0 applies.
  • Additional time can be reserved for a sit-down after the tasting – EUR 50,0 per hour.
  • Please make a reservation in advance by phone at +370 612 27355, by email at ekskursija.gubernija@mvgroup.eu or fill in the registration form.

Offer for

photo shoots

  • Looking for a unique place to capture the moments of a personal or corporate celebration? We offer an unconventional location in the historic Gubernija Brewery.
  • The cellars of the Gubernija Brewery have been declared a cultural heritage site.
  • The terms and conditions of the photo shooting are negotiated individually.
  • The visit price is EUR 90,0 per hour.
  • Please make a reservation by phone at +370 612 27355 or e-mail at ekskursija.gubernija@mvgroup.eu..

Tasting room


  • We offer an unconventional venue for your personal or corporate celebration.
  • The Tasting Room can accommodate from 10 to 60 guests.
  • At your request, we will organise an informative programme during the celebration. The terms and conditions are negotiated individually.
  • For availability and prices, please contact us by phone at +370 612 27355 or e-mail at ekskursija.gubernija@mvgroup.eu.