2024 05 20

Gubernija Brewery has a new production manager

Gubernija Brewery, located in Šiauliai city and managed by MV GROUP Production, has a new production manager – Mindaugas Bistrickas took up this position on 22 April.

The new production manager of Gubernija holds a Master’s degree in Food Science and Safety from Kaunas University of Technology and has been working in the brewing industry since 2019. Prior to joining the Gubernija team, he held the position of production manager at Rinkuškių Brewery.

“We are strengthening our position in both the Lithuanian and export markets and aim to make Gubernija, which will celebrate its 360th anniversary next year, one of the most competitive breweries in the region. Gubernija and Mindaugas are united not only by high ambitions, but also by a common vision of quality, development and assortment, and I have no doubt that we will successfully achieve our highest goals,” says Algirdas Čiburys, managing director of MV GROUP Production.

According to him, the new production manager’s tasks are to ensure the smooth implementation of the projects carried out at Gubernija by continuing to innovate, increasing production efficiency, enhancing the competences of employees, improving working conditions and fostering the brewery’s traditions and internal culture.

Bistrickas says he has been watching the revival of Gubernija for some time. Following the acquisition of MV GROUP Production, the new manager says he has been following the brewery’s news and growth closely.

“Today, Gubernija’s non-alcoholic beers compete with the biggest brands without being outdone by their flavours, which have won numerous international awards. In addition, the products are of the highest quality thanks to the strict production standards in place. At the same time, I believe and see that the company has a lot of potential for growth, as continuous improvement of processes, investment in modern equipment and a professional team are the ingredients for success,” says the new production manager of Gubernija.

He says that he will create a leadership team based on openness, and that his experience in brewing and knowledge of brewing technologies will allow him to implement bold solutions that will contribute to Gubernija’s growth in local and foreign markets.

In total, the team headed by M. Bistrickas employs over 90 specialists. The responsibilities of the production manager of Gubernija include increasing the competitiveness of the brewery on the market, applying innovations and technologies, developing product innovations, and consistently developing the specialists working in the brewery.

About Gubernija

Gubernija, which has been operating in Šiauliai for several centuries, belongs to MV GROUP Production, which also unites three other Lithuanian factories: Stumbras, Alita and Anykščių vynas. Gubernija’s basket includes a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, as well as a natural bread brandy made from specially baked bread.

Gubernija’s brewery is recognised not only in Europe but also abroad. The jury of the World Beer Awards 2023, one of the world’s biggest competitions, awarded Gubernija’s non-alcoholic Tamsusis Elis with four top awards, including the world’s best non-alcoholic beer. Gubernija’s products won four more medals at the European Beer Challenge 2023 last May.

The brewery has 4 production lines. In 2023, Gubernija produced 19 million liters of drinks.